As both an illustrator and animator, Anke combines her skills to create projects with her signature style. Using a unique combination of textures and collages, she creates dream-like worlds that take the viewer on a fairylike trip through soft melancholy. 


Emotions, atmospheres and feelings are at the core of her work. At the peak of her work flow, she omits herself completely into the world and characters she creates. Through her process, she humanizes her concepts in such a way the end result will move even the most seemingly unreachable viewer. 


Constantly looking for new ways to transmit ideas, Anke likes to challenge the status quo and search beyond the known possible. She’s satisfied only when her work clearly reflects the message the client wishes to convey. 


As an empathic person, Anke prefers a personal approach with her clients. She looks further beyond what you want, into why you want it and how it fits a bigger strategy. This way she helps conceptualize any creative ideas to further support your efforts.